When The Beat Drops, Be Just Like NCT’s Johnny And Don’t Ever Hold Back

Get those hands up in the air.

At the 2019 Chuseok ISAC, the most beloved K-Pop idol boy and girl groups came together to spend a fun day battling out their athletic skills. During the opening ceremony though, when UV performed their bop of bops, it was NCT‘s Johnny who definitely won the “Best Dancer” title.


A fan cam, initially not even meant to be for NCT’s Johnny, spotted the wild soul letting himself go and losing himself in the music. (Note: He’s the one in red, unable to get a hold of himself.)


The slightly less than a minute-long video shows Johnny releasing his inner party animal…


… and stealing the spotlight from everyone around him!


Johnny was really feeling the music!


Check out how, even in the very small angle of the upper right hand corner, Johnny’s extra-ness will completely captivate your eyes:


So next time you hear the beat drop, don’t think twice. Learn from Johnny. Embrace your inner Johnny. Be Johnny.