Where Is She Now? The Beautiful Filipina Trainee Who Had Netizens Questioning Her Race

She looks Korean but she’s full Pinoy.

It’s hard for some people to guess that a certain K-Pop idol is not Korean, but full Filipino.

Kriesha Chu

When looking at Kriesha Chu for the first time, most would assume that she hails from a country in East Asia and not The Philippines.

You are Korean, right?

— Yoo Hee Yeol

Especially when she wears traditional Korean clothing, it’s difficult to discern her race at first glance.

Her own countrymen were not immune to this confusion. Many Filipinos took to X (Twitter) in 2016 to express their amazement that someone like them was pursuing a singing career in South Korea.

They said that she “doesn’t look Filipino at first glance” and that she “looks Korean.”

Kriesha, after all, has features that are typically attributed to East Asians, such as her monolid eyes. Several users correctly guessed that she has Chinese blood which is not uncommon among Filipinos.

| @krieshachu_official/Instagram

Kriesha Chu was born in Makati, the business district of the Philippines, in December 1998. The reason for her East Asian features is because of her Chinese ancestry. Filipinos call her “Chinoy” which is a portmanteau of “Chinese” and “Pinoy.”

She and her family originally lived in Cebu, a province in Visayas, for the first two years of her life. They eventually moved to San Francisco, California, where she grew up living a normal Filipino-American life.

Eventually, she was casted by Urban Works Entertainment and moved to South Korea to pursue her dream to be a singer. She was a trainee for a year before she auditioned for K-Pop Star 6.

Though she was eliminated early in the show, she was brought back to join the YG Entertainment-led trio KWINS. They eventually ranked second place in the entire competition.

Her debut single, “Trouble,” was released in May 2017.

Unfortunately, Kriesha Chu has not updated her social media pages since 2020. Her last update on Instagram and YouTube was her cover of “Wild Flower” by Park Hyu Shin.

Still, she continues to make her fellow Filipinos proud with her incredible vocal prowess, visuals, and overall charm!

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