Where Is “The Most Beautiful Man In Korea” Now?

You probably know him REALLY well.

One man went viral back in the days due to his jaw-dropping good looks.

In 2005, Min Kyung Hoon debuted as the lead vocalist of the group Buzz. Though his singing skills were praised, he was best known for his flower boy visuals.

Min Kyung Hoon

He looked so ethereal, in fact, that he was given the nickname “The Most Beautiful Man In Korea.”

Nowadays, Min Kyung Hoon is still active in the Korean entertainment industry—but not in the same way many people would expect. If you guessed him to be the same Min Kyung Hoon as the “Ssamja” cast member of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros (Ask Me Anything), then you’d be correct!

It’s almost hard to imagine that the innocent-looking singer from back then is now known for cracking dirty jokes on camera!

Moreover, while he looked almost untouchable in the early 2000s…

…he now has a cute, boy-next-door aura that’s emphasized whenever his dimples deepen while smiling.

Min Kyung Hoon’s past sometimes catches up to him in the present. He sang while filming Knowing Bros, for instance, just to fulfill the childhood wish of actor Ahn Bo Hyun.

When he’s not making people laugh on Knowing Bros, he is busy writing lyrics, producing, singing, and appearing in more variety shows such as Problem Child in House.

His song with Super Junior‘s Heechul, “Sweet Dream,” even won the Best Rock Song award at the MelOn Music Awards.

From then until now, he’s proven that he’s got the talent to back up his incredible visuals!

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