Beautiful Rare Duck Spotted In South Korea Is A Must See

A beautiful rare duck was spotted swimming in a stream in Korea and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

A photographer was walking along the Uicheon Stream in Korea and happened to come across a beautiful Mandarin duck. These ducks are native to East Asia and are closely related to the North American wood duck. Interestingly, these beautiful ducks are the inspiration for wooden wedding ducks, wooden carvings often given as gifts, which are used in Korean wedding ceremonies. Unlike other ducks, Mandarin ducks mate for life and represent peace, fidelity, and plentiful offspring in Korea.

Adult male Mandarin ducks bear red bills, large white crescents above the eyes, reddish “whiskers,” purple breasts, and striking pairs of orange “sails” on their backs. In contrast to ornate male ducks, female ducks are more similar in appearance to wood ducks with their pale color.

Male Mandarin Duck
A male Mandarin duck swimming in the Uicheon stream.

Check out other photos of the beautiful bird below:

Mandarin ducks are often considered the most beautiful ducks in the world.

Their coloring is unique even among birds.

They look so majestic when they’re flying.

Source: Woeful_Haichi