Beenzino Was Once Asked to Join BTS, Here’s Why He Didn’t

Beenzino had dissed Bang Si Hyuk, founder of Big Hit Entertainment, in The Quiett‘s “Hallelujah” for asking him to get cosmetic surgery to join BTS as a member.

In The Quiett’s “Hallelujah”, Beenzino’s featured rap revealed some lyrics that told the story of how Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of Big Hit Entertainment, had offered him an opportunity to debut under BTS while he was still an underground rapper.

However, the lyrics told the story of how Bang Si Hyuk was very confident that he could make Beenzino big, only if he underwent the knife and reduced his jawline.

Although Beenzino didn’t directly mention BTS, he used code words to hint at the story. BTS’s Korean name, “Bangtan Sonyeondan“, translates to “bullet-proof boys“, and Beenzino’s lyrics reference both words in their name in the song.

Here are the lyrics translated:

“During my underground days a producer came to me and said this
If I work with him all my wishes will come true
The last thing he said was the punch line
I could join him if I just got jaw reduction surgery.
I don’t need your bullet proof
Like that, I declined to be your boy”

Beenzino in “Hallelujah”

Beenzino wasn’t the only rapper that was initially offered a spot in BTS. Other 5 popular rappers were initially a part of the BTS trainee crew or offered a spot in the group.

Currently, both BTS and Beenzino are doing extremely well as their own artists, and it looks like Beenzino’s refusal to join BTS worked out for the both of them.

Checkout The Quiet’s “Hallelujah” down below:

Source: Instiz