Before aespa Had A Lightstick, Karina Suggested Fans Bring An Unexpected Alternative… And They Delivered

“MY were even more adorable.”

Following the success of their third EP, My World, released in May 2023, aespa made their comeback with the fourth EP, Drama, on November 10, showing fans more of aespa’s world outside of Kwangya.

(From left:) aespa’s Giselle, NingNing, Winter, and Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter

To celebrate their comeback, the four members filmed fun videos with Spotify, playing games for prizes and answering questions submitted by MYs (aespa’s fandom).

While answering questions and taking MYs’ requests, the aespa members were repeatedly asked to perform aegyo.

Karina hilariously had a message for MYs after the repeated requests, saying the group had shown them a “lot of aegyo,” while jokingly requesting for an improvement in requests next time.

Although they jokingly hesitated to perform aegyo, they later revealed why MYs are so precious to them and why they’ll continue to fulfill fans’ requests.

aespa debuted during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and like many artists who debuted within that time period, it meant they debuted without being able to meet their fans in person.

They stated that many of their first stage performances were completed without an audience, making it even more special when they were able to finally meet fans at the 2021 World K-POP Concert (K-Culture Festival).

The group was nervous performing in front of people for the first time, especially considering that multiple fandoms were present for their first live performance.

Winter shared that the audience members were all holding up their phones, and others held up banners to let the group know where their fandom was.

At the time, aespa’s official lightstick hadn’t been revealed, and fans weren’t permitted to use their voice to cheer; only clapping was allowed.

Fans asked Karina what they should bring instead, and she jokingly suggested carrots and cabbages. MYs hilariously took on the challenge, fulfilling Karina’s request.

Winter recalled looking into the audience and seeing MYs unexpectedly holding cabbages and carrots in place of lightsticks. The members found their fans’ creative solution “adorable.

Check out the rest of aespa’s fun Spotify interview below!