Behind The Scenes Footage Shows How Nervous BTS’s J-Hope Was About Their UN General Assembly Speech

J-Hope felt that his pronunciation was bad.

BTS recently gave a heartwarming and emotional speech at the 75th UN General Assembly.

While the messages were delivered greatly, behind the scenes footage shows that the members were extremely nervous, especially J-Hope. When J-Hope began recording his lines, he was doing great.

However, midway through, he stopped, as he felt that his pronunciation was off. J-Hope then stood up due to how nervous he was.

After getting up, the staff members told him that he didn’t need to worry and that he could take his time.

J-Hope then began recording again.

However, J-Hope ran into the same issue, as he once again felt that his pronunciation was bad.

Afterward, J-Hope was told that they could record the whole speech again if he wasn’t satisfied. J-Hope excitedly got up and accepted the offer.

Here’s the full video below!