This Behind-the-scenes footage of SHINee’s “Everybody” MV Is Too Funny

K-Pop music videos are well-known for their flashy props and lights, intense choreography, and awesome videography, but these two behind-the-scene videos from SHINee‘s Everybody show just how tough it is to get the perfect shots.

The first of the videos shows a moment during filming where the members were trying to get used to the robotic camera on a toy car zooming past them. The members then manage to keep their cool just long enough for the camera to complete the shot, until they fall down and laugh at what just happened.

In another behind-the-scenes video, SHINee is seen trying to film a section of their choreography in one take, where each member is required to get up from the floor and complete their individual dances before lifting Taemin off the ground.

Taemin was to land on the ground with an epic superhero landing, but on their first attempt, the members seemed to have thrown him with too much strength; thus, Taemin could be seen flying forward and landing roughly.

Their second attempt was much more successful and what resulted was an awesome shot of the landing in a panoramic view.

We applaud all idols who go through multiple takes to get the perfect shot for our viewing pleasure!