Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Shows How Playful Park Seo Joon And Park Min Young Are To Each Other

Their chemistry is so cute!

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young were quite the playful and romantic couple on What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

Behind-the-scenes footage revealed the two were also quite playful off-screen, as they are seen constantly laughing during takes.

During one scene, Park Seo Joon had to quickly pull and hug Park Min Young.

After the scene, the two share a little comedic exchange.

There are also plenty of scenes where the two just start laughing whenever they see each other’s faces.

One of the few times the two were able to get serious was when they had to film a kiss scene.

Once the kiss scene concluded, the two can’t help but smile.

Though, the two look a little embarrassed looking at the scene.

There’s more in the full video below!