Behind The Scenes Photos of Hyun Bin Went Viral for His Over-The-Top Sexiness

Most fans completely forgot about these photos.

With Hyun Bin coming back into the public eye due to his marriage announcement with Crash Landing On You co-star Son Ye Jin, all sorts of past content related to the actor have been circulating online.

But the photos that particularly went viral online were taken years ago during the filming of the movie, The Swindlers in 2017.

In the movie, Hyun Bin played a scam artist who only scammed other scam artists.

And as charismatic his character was, so was his visuals for the film.

He showed off his sexy side in a black leather jacket and sleeked back hair.

The contrast of this look compared to that of his character in Crash Landing On You is so drastic that it’s almost shocking.

Considering how sexy he looks in the photos, it’s no wonder they went viral online.

Fans will be able to see more of this sexy star’s charisma his upcoming films Confidential Assignment 2 and The Point Men.

Come back to us, Hyun Bin!