Behind-The-Scenes Of SuperM’s MV Shoot Prove They Really Are The Avengers

Out to save the world, one jop at a time.

On October 25, 2019, SuperM‘s official YouTube channel dropped a video titled “SuperM : The Story of Jopping”. As the video took them behind-the-scenes of the group’s epic “Jopping” music video shoot, SuperM fans realized the members are exactly what they have been described to be: The Avengers of K-Pop.


First, the video shared footage from members shooting the colosseum scene in front of green screens in a studio. Just like Hollywood blockbusters go, SuperM’s music video shoot was shot surrounded by nothing but greenness.


Still, members used their awesome acting skills to pretend they’re performing in front of a huge audience. The scene, with all the special effects added in, looked breathtaking — thanks to the members’ hard work!


The video also showed EXO‘s Kai and his epic helicopter scene. While Kai did seem slightly nervous about taking off in the helicopter…


… he pulled through and gave off the most extreme special agent vibe ever!


WayV‘s Lucas and Ten were also captured looking badass AF getting on a tank. The two looked like they were about to go on a mission to save the world. If this doesn’t give you the Avengers vibe, nothing will.


Throughout the video, members were spotted battling the intense desert heat in Dubai.


Even while struggling with the extreme temperature, SuperM members hyped themselves up with a “can do” attitude — like true superheroes.

We can do this. We can do this!

— Lucas


So it seems no heat, no helicopter or tank, no amount of green screen can stop SuperM from giving their best performance. Why? Because they are the K-Pop avengers.


Watch the full video here: