Girl’s Day Minah Pranks Sojin While Filming For MBC

Girl’s Day Minah was caught on camera making faces behind Sojin‘s back, and fans can’t get over it.

As part of promotions for the title track of Girl’s Day’s newest album Everyday #5, the group appeared on MBC‘s music show, Show Champion. While everything was perfect when the show aired, a behind-the-scenes video released by Show Champion showed Minah hilariously messing around behind the group’s leader Sojin as she tried to film her segment.

While Sojin was busy speaking to the camera about their latest song, Minah was spotted behind her making silly faces and nodding along in an extremely over the top fashion!

The behind-the-scenes clip shows how playful the girls of Girl’s Day really are and how they love to cut loose and goof off with one another.

Check out the full video below: