Belly Chains Are The Latest Craze, But MONSTA X And BLACKPINK Beat Everyone To It

These trendsetters were ahead of their time.

Across all fandoms, there comes a moment when something fashionable catches everyone’s eye, and they want to see their favorite idols rocking the look.

The latest craze seems to be belly chains by brand VidaKush. The “Diamante Belly Chain” in particular had been going viral among K-Pop fans.

Fans want to see idols wearing the look so much that they’ve edited them into their photos, like this one of MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon wearing it.

Image credit: @heonysuga

Little do people know, there are two idols who have already worn the look: Kihyun and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

In MONSTA X’s music video for “Jealousy”, Kihyun was seen with a chain hanging from inside his shirt, the end of it clipped onto a loop on his pants. When his shirt lifted up in the teaser, it revealed that he’d been wearing the silver chain around his belly.

While Kihyun’s chain was more hidden, Jennie wore her belly chain where it could be seen clearly. During a performance, she wore a cropped top and jeans accessorized with a chunky, gold belly chain.

With fashion, everything comes in and out of style, more than once. Since Kihyun and Jennie have rocked the look in the past, maybe there’ll be more idols with the look in the future. Fans will certainly be waiting for it.