Love Versus Friendship: Here’s What The Actors From “Our Beloved Summer” Would Actually Choose

Spoiler: they definitely know what a love triangle is.

Netflix‘s Our Beloved Summer is one of the hottest romantic comedies airing at the moment. It features Choi Woo Shik as Choi Ung, Kim Da Mi as Kook Yeon Su, and Kim Seung Cheol as Kim Ji Woong. The three were embroiled in a love triangle that followed them from high school to their work life ten years later.

Kim Seung Cheol (Left), Kim Da Mi (Center), and Choi Woo Shik (Right) | Netflix

In an interview with The Swoon, Choi Woo Shik and Kim Seung Cheol revealed what they’d actually do if they had to pick between their friends and girlfriend.

1. Choi Woo Shik

First of all, Choi Woo Shik chose his friends over his lover. In the K-Drama, Choi Ung did not know that Ji Ung liked Yeon Su as well, and Woo Shik similarly would’ve been torn in this situation.

For me, I think even if I chose love, my friends from my school years would’ve trusted me and cheered me on. [But if she were my best friend’s girl] I’d choose friendship.

— Choi Woo Shik

2. Kim Seung Cheol – Ji Ung

On the other hand, Kim Seung Cheol knew his priorities right away. He explained that the different periods in his life would’ve affected his choices.

My answer now is different from what I would’ve said during my school years. During my school years, I would’ve chosen friendship, no doubt. Now, I think I’d choose love.

— Kim Seung Cheol

As he and his friends have matured over time, so did their outlooks on life. Seung Cheol is now confident that his friends wouldn’t mind if he chose to be with his loved one instead.

In school, friendship does come first when you’re a teenager. It was so upsetting to be in a fight with a friend. Now there’s nothing to fight about with friends.

— Kim Seung Cheol

His answer was so convincing that Choi Woo Shik changed his mind as well: “That’s my answer too! I would choose friendship over love during my school years but the opposite now.”

Now we just have to see what Ung and Ji Ung choose in Our Beloved Summer.

Check out the full interview below to learn more about the cast.

Source: YouTube