How “Our Beloved Summer” Was Able To Show The Perfect Confession Scene Even Without Using Words

It was the sweetest part, hands down.

Netflix‘s Our Beloved Summer just concluded after an eight week run. Episode 16 marked the end of the highly popular romcom starring Choi Woo Shik as Choi Ung and Kim Da Mi as Kook Yeon Su.

Kim Da Mi (Left) and Choi Woo Shik (Right)

The story follows their relationship as enemies, lovers, exes, and lovers again over several years. The two first met while filming a documentary about the best and worst students in school, Yeon Su being the former and Ung being the latter. They dated for five years, broke up, and reunited as two successful—but lonely—people.

Ung was a famous artist who specialized in drawing buildings. He was known for never drawing human beings since they, unlike inanimate objects, tended to change and leave. He had developed a fear of being left behind after both his dad and Yeon Su strayed away.

He broke this rule in the last episode when he gave the perfect confession to Yeon Su. After the time skip, they discussed their first loves with Ung pretending not to remember the first time he laid eyes on her.

When did I see you for the first time? Was it the first day of filming?

— Ung

Yeon Su caught him drawing on a book and berated him…

…until she saw exactly what he drew.

Rather than the usual topic of buildings, Ung sketched a person—the very first one he’s ever done.

Not only did it feature Yeon Su, but it was set in the school gym at the very first moment they met eyes.

He knew she was special since then!

Fans were understandably in love with the scene as well. They also pointed out details such as the book being the exact same one that Yeon Su asked from him when they were in high school.

As with all perfect endings, Our Beloved Summer concluded with Ung and Yeon Su thriving and in love. They even agreed to shoot their third documentary, this time about their married life!

Check out the full confession scene below.

Source: YouTube