“Our Beloved Summer” Actor Kim Sung Cheol Gets Dissed By His Own Biography

His reaction was priceless.

Actor Kim Sung Cheol sat down with Esquire Korea to discuss Our Beloved Summer, his past acting roles, and more.

Kim Sung Cheol

Our Beloved Summer is a coming-of-age story about an ex-couple (played by Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi) who is forced to reunite after their old high school documentary goes viral. Kim Sung Cheol plays the second male lead, Kim Ji Ung.

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Prior to Our Beloved Summer, Kim Sung Cheol appeared in a number of K-Dramas, including Vincenzo and Arthdal Chronicles. In the latter, he played the character Ipsaeng.

Kim Sung Cheol told Esquire Korea, “I had a very hard time acting in [Arthdal Chronicles]. I remember, Director Won Seok often showed me how to act Ipsaeng, and he pulled it off so well.” Even so, Kim Sung Cheol enjoyed his role and working with the show’s cast.

At the beginning of his interview, Kim Sung Cheol read through his online biography, which included acting credits and achievements. Seconds after he’d complimented the author, that same author unintentionally dissed him.

I don’t know who wrote this, but they did a great job. God Bless you!

— Kim Sung Cheol

The author wrote, “Although Arthdal Chronicles wasn’t a huge hit…” and Kim Sung Cheol reacted just like you might expect. (Was that necessary, author? Was it?)

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