Bentley Hammington Nearly Lost His Marbles After Getting His Ice Cream Stolen Numerous Times

Bentley is not about messing around with food.

The most recent episode of Superman Returns shared a teaser for Episode 283 which shows Sam Hammington having a park outing with his sons, William and Bentley.

Bentley was passing by on his bike with a bottle of milk when he spotted a Turkey ice cream stand.

When Bentley eagerly grabbed for the ice cream, the ice cream man took it back before he could get his hands on it as a funny joke.

What made this scenario hilarious was Bentley’s overly serious reaction. Bentley grabbed for the ice cream again with determination and managed to get it in his hands this time.

But the ice cream man left him the cone and just took the ice cream which made Bentley frown with surprise. And when the ice cream man told him to enjoy it, Bentley stuck out his cone to ask for the ice cream back.

When the ice cream man continued to joke around by handing him a huge chunk of ice cream, Bentley stepped back in shock, sighed, and then walked away in anger.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight