Here Are Some Of The Best Celebrity Reactions To BLACKPINK’s Historic Performance

Their reactions are completely justified.

BLACKPINK took to the stage at Coachella to perform hits from the past and present.

In the words of the LA Times, the quartet “brought the rigor and charm of K-Pop” to the festival, putting the audience “in the canon of K-Pop crossovers”.

Photo Credits: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

Celebrities all over the world couldn’t get enough of their historic performance–here are some of the highlights.

Billboard editors Jeff Benjamin and Bianca Gracie with their take on the performance.

TIME illustrator, Martin Gee, shared similar views.

Famous YouTubers weighed in as well.

Celebrities had nothing but praise for BLINKs at the festival…

With many uploading themselves grooving along to the girl group.

Congratulations on your successful performance, BLACKPINK!

Source: LA Times
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