They Weren’t Always The Best Of Friends — BTS’s Jimin And V Had Their Argumentative Phase Too

But now they’re inseparable!

Jimin and V are known as BTS‘s inseparable BFFs and even have a song dedicated to their eternal friendship! However, no friendship is perfect and can still get rocky from time to time.

V went in-depth about how it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the two. During “Bangtan Attic” in 2019 FESTA, he revealed Jimin used to have a sensitive side due to his anxiety about being a trainee.

Jimin became sensitive to the differences he had with V, which caused them to argue.

He was sensitive about the differences we had, so it was hard for me to reach him.

— V

Jimin even revealed that he was told to control his temper back then.

However, as time went on, Jimin became more comfortable and started to develop the laidback and understanding personality that he has today.

Now, Jimin and V fit together like two peas in a pod!

Best friends can fight but will always find a way to resolve their differences in the end.

Watch V discuss his friendship with Jimin below!


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