The 10+ Best Scenes From J-Hope’s New “Airplane” MV

J-Hope’s second solo music video takes off!

“Airplane”, J-Hope’s second music video released this week, soars beyond all expectations.

“Airplane” is everything A.R.M.Y could hope for, and more. Where “Daydream” is upbeat and quirky, “Airplane” is wistful and introspective. In it, J-Hope shows fans his seldom seen serious side.


“Airplane” opens with a bird’s eye view of the Han River at sunset…


…then cuts to a retro-futuristic car in a deserted, starlit parking lot.


Enter another star, J-Hope, wandering a barren, urban landscape.

He is alone throughout the video, free to express his independence and thoughts through “Airplane’s” moving lyrics.


The video alternates between several scenes, such as the Parking Lot.


Here J-Hope, sits in a silver car, watching an airplane fly soar like a comet through the night sky. From his hand, a silver necklace dangles, swinging like a clock’s pendulum.


And the Cloud Room, where J-Hope is surrounded by a cloudy, digital sky, but is grounded. He sits in a vintage armchair, his face shrouded in shadow.


In an Empty Building where he resembles an airplane, ready to take off.


In Darkness, wearing a “MIC Drop” style bucket hat, J-Hope poses in front of flashing cameras, in silence. For the most part, the hat’s brim hides his eyes.

Elsewhere, J-Hope is out in city, watching the sky from rooftops.


As the video progresses, J-Hope gets up from his chair in the cloud room, drives away from the parking lot, begins to rap in front of the flashing cameras.


At times, he looks down on the camera from a new, higher vantage point.


The cloud room’s sky becoming a cityscape. It races by as if J-Hope is zooming through it at top velocity.


As J-Hope drives, he drops casts away his necklace.


The speeding cityscape becomes a starry galaxy, as J-Hope’s (or, possibly, other BTS members’?) silhouettes dance against it.


In the end, J-Hope goes back the way he came. He turns away from the railing where he watched the sun rise and planes fly, and returns to the world.


Fans all over the world are loving “Airplane” and can’t wait to see what the superstar rapper releases next!


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