Gay Plot Twist From An Old Music Video Actually Predicted The Future

What a coincidence!

As K-Pop has grown and evolved, the concepts and imagery we see in music videos have often changed. Many videos focus on visual effects and CGI to create a more immersive experience, with virtual groups being common.

While these are impressive, many videos in the past relied on storylines featuring the group’s members and other actors, including the one with a gay plot twist that predicted the future.

Now-disbanded girl group Bestie debuted in 2013 under YBN Entertainment. The group would ultimately disband in 2018 after an extended hiatus, but their final album has remained popular to this day.

Bestie | YBN Entertainment

The music video for the title track “No Excuses” featured the group in two city settings where they discover a pair of glasses that reveal the truth of a situation. For example, while sitting at the dinner, the members see that their server is not as polite as he seems.

During the video, member Haeryung flirts with a handsome male extra, succeeding in getting his attention during one part.

After a change of setting, Haeryung spots the man again and approaches him. However, while wearing the magic glasses, the other members see that the person the man was walking with is very affectionate with him.

As the video ends, the glasses wearer sees that all the men outside are involved romantically with each other. This is the moment that actually predicted the future!

The man that Haeryung flirted with was not actually just an extra but a pre-debut trainee, Seoham, who would go on to debut in KNK before leaving in 2021.


While in KNK, Seoham was able to pursue his desire to act, but it was a role he received in 2022 that gained the most attention. Alongside DKZ‘s Park Jaechan, Seoham starred in the BL (boy love) drama Semantic Error.

Seoham and DKZ’s Park Jaechan| Watcha

So, in a way, Bestie’s music video predicted the role that would cause Seoham to receive so much attention!

Like the music video, Semantic Error did not have a kiss scene, which you can read about below.

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