B.I Confesses He Writes His Songs About This Female Idol

Not only is she his ideal type, but she is also his muse.

Everybody knows that when it comes to idols with songwriting skills, iKON‘s B.I is second to none. But did you know, many of his songs are influenced by a female idol?


On an episode of tvN‘s Talkmon, B.I shared that his inspiration for composing songs is none other than actress Kim Ji Won!


B.I shared that he thinks of Kim Ji Won whenever he is composing a song, and watches her dramas for insight.

“Kim Ji Won is my muse. I get inspired by her whenever I write songs.” — B.I


He also shared that he has written many songs with Kim Ji Won in mind.

“I’ve written about 10 songs thinking about Kim Ji Won.” — B.I


B.I. revealed the process of how Kim Ji Won inspires him when he is composing a new track.

“I imagine situations where I meet her and break up with her to write songs.” — B.I


The extent of his fandom for the actress was on full display, with B.I sharing that he watches her dramas over and over!

“I’ve watched ‘Fight My Way’ around 20 times. One of her lines from the drama became the title of one of my songs.” — B.I


Finally, B.I. admitted that Kim Ji Won is his ideal type, and he would like to meet her.

“Kim Ji Won is my ideal type. I would like to meet her just once in my life. I don’t expect anything from her, she is just my muse.” — B.I


Whatever his process is, it seems to be working. Keep writing hits, B.I.


Source: iMBC, Star MBN and Star News via Naver