B.I Reveals His Songwriting Process And The Inspiration Behind “BTBT”

The first step of his musical process might surprise you.

In an episode of GET REAL with DIVE StudiosB.I opened up on his songwriting process, particularly with the inspiration and production of his song “BTBT.” The conversation first started when B.I shared that his hobby was reading comics and that he’s actually often been inspired by the stories he reads.

I get inspired a lot, I have lyrics that are like comic book lines.

— B.I

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube

One of the hosts, Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley, then asked B.I what his inspiration was behind “BTBT.” “BTBT” is universally loved, especially for its insane choreography, and it’s only a sneak peek into what awaits fans for his upcoming album Love or Loved.

This particular song was inspired by onomatopoeia. B.I shared that since those working on the song with him wanted a Korean title, he searched through 200-300 onomatopoeia utterances before settling with “BTBT.” In Korean, the pronunciation of “BTBT” is biteul-biteul, which comes from the word “to stagger.” For the message of the song, B.I wanted to convey the feeling of being drunk on love.

Singer-songwriter JUNNY asked what B.I’s typical approach to producing music is, as B.I arranges, composes, and writes all his own songs. As someone who is also heavily involved in creating music from multiple aspects (and as a longtime fan of B.I), JUNNY was curious about B.I’s musical process.

Just like with “BTBT,” B.I works on the title of his songs first. For him, the title holds a lot of importance in the creation process because it determines the message and mood he wants to share and is often the core of his inspiration.

The hook is of equal importance to B.I because it’s the part that often grabs the listener’s attention. After working on the title and the hook, he focuses on the melody and the lyrics.

I consider a song good when the hook is good.

— B.I

Usually, for creative works, people are told to focus on the meat of the piece before the title. However, everyone’s creativity works differently, and B.I’s musical process has worked wonders for him, having produced many hit songs for both himself and other artists. There’s no doubt that his upcoming album will contain more amazing music, and we can’t wait to see what B.I has in store.