Rapper-Songwriter B.I Opens Up About The Inspiration Behind His Music

B.I always puts his whole heart into his music.

In an interview with YouTube channel FO Squad Kpop on their new show, Taste of Culture, rapper-songwriter B.I shared about where he got his inspiration from for his music.

Lou from FO Squad asked if B.I identified with being an observant person who noticed a lot of things but kept silent, and B.I agreed. As an observant person, all the thoughts from observing others and the world around him would spill out into his music, and Lou asked where B.I got his inspiration from. He also commented on B.I’s hobby of reading and writing poetry, which definitely played a role in B.I’s songwriting skills.

| FO Squad Kpop/YouTube 

B.I shared that he got his inspiration from his experiences, movies and songs that he’s watched and listened to, and from his fans. He added that sometimes the inspiration would come from deep inside of him, when emotions and thoughts of loneliness and depression would spill out.

For his upcoming song “”BTBT” with Soulja Boy and AOMG‘s DeVita, B.I incorporated both Korean and Latin music into the song, wanting to try something new as an artist and as a producer. He hopes to send a message about the love of youth and its rebellious and reckless nature. This message will be a continuation on the sentiments of youth B.I has always reflected upon in his music.

B.I also shared how he felt whenever his fans told him that they loved his music.

I’m really proud of it and I feel very warm in my heart, because I put a lot of effort into the music.

— B.I

We’re all eagerly awaiting the release of “BTBT” on May 13, and this audio teaser is enough to let fans know that another masterpiece is on its way.