B.I Goes Viral For His Reaction To Male Fan’s Passionate Confession

Netizens can’t praise him enough!

B.I has recently been on his first Europe tour, 2023 LOVE OR DIE TOUR. 

At his concert in Hamburg, Germany, a male fan passionately shouted, “I’m f*cking gay for you!” It caught B.I’s attention, making him do a double-take.

Fan: B.I, I’m f*cking gay for you!

B.I: Wh-what? Who said it? What did you say?

B.I asked the fan what he said, but he struggled to hear. So, he took out his in-ears and asked again. The rest of the fans even attempted to help, repeating the phrase.

Fan: I’m f*cking gay for you!

B.I: I’m sorry, it was too loud. It was too loud, so I couldn’t hear you.

Fan: I’m gay for you. I’m gay for you!

Finally, B.I heard it loud and clear! He chuckled before asking if he could say it for the rest of the fans to hear, which the fan agreed to.

B.I: You’re… *chuckles* Okay. I got it. Can I say it… Is it like… Does it bother you that I can… that I say it like louder? No?

Fan: No, I…I’m okay with that.

B.I also cutely thanked the fan in both English and German.

B.I: So, you’re like gay for me?

Fan: Yes!

B.I: Thank you!

The video went viral with 2.8M views at the time of writing. Netizens praised B.I for his reaction, especially his consideration in asking for consent before repeating.

Watch the video below.


My bestie created this iconic moment at the B.I concert in Hamburg. Unforgettable! #loveordiewithbi_hamburg #kimhanbin B.I #kpop

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