BIBI Reveals What Feel Ghood Music CEO, Tiger JK, Is Like When He’s Angry

His inner tiger comes out sometimes!

Legendary rapper and CEO of Feel Ghood Music, Tiger JK, has a reputation for living up to his name when he’s angry!

Tiger JK | @drunkentigerjk/Twitter

In a “TMI About Artist” interview with culture NEON, BIBI, who is signed to Feel Ghood Music, opened up about Tiger JK’s intimidating side.

BIBI | @nakedbibi/Instagram

She was asked if Tiger JK “really feels scary like a tiger sometimes.” 

“Tiger JK really feels scary like a tiger sometimes.” | culture NEON/YouTube

BIBI said that Tiger JK hasn’t really been angry at her, but she’s heard that he can be really scary from other people.

“I’ve slightly felt it before. Others say that he really is scary, but he doesn’t treat me like that.” | culture NEON/YouTube

Although Tiger JK hasn’t been angry at BIBI, she did see his tiger side come out once, and she said it was really scary!

“I once saw him when he was a bit angry. But you know how there’s a myth from a long time ago that when you meet eye to eye with a tiger, you’ll slowly suffer to death?” | culture NEON/YouTube

BIBI said she felt as if she made eye contact with an actual tiger and she actually felt herself trembling.

“I actually felt myself trembling.” | culture NEON/YouTube

Although Tiger JK has a reputation for being a great boss, it looks like he knows how to draw his intimidating side out when he needs to!

See the rest of BIBI’s interview below.