Tiger JK Proves Himself To Be The Best Boss As He Buys BTS “Butter” Albums For His Staff

Where can we apply?

Don’t we all wish we had a good boss, especially one that supports our love for BTS? Well, Tiger JK‘s staff definitely seem to have exactly that.

Tiger JK | @DrunkenTigerJK/Twitter

Tiger JK is known to be a multitalented individual as he is not only a rapper but also a record producer and entrepreneur, founder of record labels Jungle Entertainment and Feel Ghood Music. He is known as a founding member of the Korean hip-hop group Drunken Tiger and is currently a member of hip-hop trio MFBTY. Some also know him as perhaps the “best boss” ever and BTS’s #1 fanboy.

BTS’s RM (left) and Tiger JK (right) | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram

He posted on Twitter, revealing that he had ordered two BTS albums so that he could trade photocards with his stylist (or complete her collection, depending on who they pull). He admitted that he works “hard to be a good boss,” but we think his hard work is paying off.

The tweet immediately caught ARMYs’ attention. Many were curious to see which member’s photocard he and his stylist would pull.

He heard ARMYs request loud and clear. As a result, he followed up with a two-part unboxing video of both versions of BTS’s Butter, revealing which photocards he and his staff pulled.

He showed followers that they got Jin and Jimin‘s photocards. It’s safe to say that the employee is quite happy. Tiger JK’s efforts in being a “good boss” have paid off!

Now, our only question is… where can we apply, sir? We have our résumés on hand.

Source: @DrunkenTigerJK and Image