Tiger JK Gave BTS’s RM, His #1 Fanboy, An Unusual Award

He acknowledged him in a totally unexpected way.

BTS‘s RM is a huge fan of his hip-hop senior and collaborator Tiger JK, and Tiger JK recently acknowledged RM’s support in a totally unexpected way.


At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong, cameras caught RM cheering his lungs out during SEVENTEEN Vernon‘s and Tiger JK’s collaboration stage. Both Vernon and RM were featured artists on Tiger JK’s star-studded album, X: Rebirth of Tiger JK. 


RM’s reaction was quickly shared all over social media, and it soon became one of RM’s most popular memes ever.


On February 3, Tiger JK posted a still from RM’s reaction video in an Instastory. Tiger JK gave his #1 fan the unofficial award for “this year’s best motivational image”.


ARMYs 100% agree that no one deserves it more!


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