BIBI And Red Velvet’s Joy Wore The Same Outfit, But Served Totally Different Vibes

Both look stunning in the two-piece set!

Red Velvet released their song “Feel My Rhythm” earlier this year. The group’s ballerina concept had the members looking as beautiful as ever.

(From left to right) Red Velvet’s Yeri, Wendy, Joy, Irene, and Seulgi | @RMsmtown/Twitter

Red Velvet’s Joy keeps her offstage style feminine and trendy, often wearing one article of clothing with a bold pattern while keeping the rest of the outfit simple.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram
| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Even when keeping the outfit casual, she adds the perfect touches, from hairstyle to accessories, to pull the outfit together.

On stage, Red Velvet’s elegant “Feel My Rhythm” outfits had a regal vibe, making the members’ visuals stand out even more.

Red Velvet backstage during their “Feel My Rhythm” promotions | @RVsmtown/Twitter

For one of their performances on Inkigayo, they wore brighter colored outfits, which were also featured in their music video.

For Joy’s outfit, she wore a lacey blue two-piece set. The shorter skirt and cropped top make the idol look taller than she already is.

Joy paired the outfit with a heart body chain, a bejeweled butterfly necklace, white boots, and a floral corsage for an adorably bubbly overall look.

Rapper BIBI also recently wore the bright two-piece for her set at 88rising‘s Head In The Clouds 2021, but with a totally different vibe.

BIBI’s offstage fashion is usually edgy and trendy.

BIBI | @nakedbibi/Instagram
| @nakedbibi/Instagram

Her stage outfits are no different. For Head In The Clouds, BIBI wore the same blue two-piece set. For BIBI’s styling, the top was not cropped, and the slit in the skirt was kept high, unlike Joy’s, which appeared to be sewn closed a bit, likely because of Red Velvet’s choreography.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

BIBI kept her hair tied back with a light blue scrunchie and paired her outfit with black boots, a shoulder bag, and large hoop earrings.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

Overall, her look was laid back, yet fashionable, with simple accessories and a top that was easy to remove to switch up her look during the performance.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

Both Joy and BIBI looked amazing and pulled off their outfit in their own unique style!

Same Fit, Different Vibes