Big Hit Apologizes For Cutting Out BTS J-Hope’s Part In Japan Broadcast And Confirms It Will Be Fixed

They will fix the situation ASAP.

On July 18, BTS held their Japanese online showcase to promote their new Japan album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~The Journey~.

In the intro VCR, fans noticed right away that member J-Hope was cut from the video, revealing only six of the members.

Fans were shocked that Big Hit Entertainment would make a mistake like this and began emailing and trending hashtags to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Fans couldn’t understand how the agency could forget a member in the intro of a showcase.

They even made a Google document to share among fans in order to get the message out there to the company.

These hashtags also began trending in Korea not long after the showcase started.

A fan later shared an email she received from the company regarding the situation.

The response from Big Hit revealed that they apologized for the situation and explained that the opening of the VCR was cut off, thus not showing J-Hope’s part in the intro.

They confirmed that they would air the correct version for the archive and fix the sound as well.

Fans hope that Big Hit will take more caution before posting anything to make sure that all seven members are shown at all times. Fans will continue to work hard to make sure that all seven members are treated with the respect they deserve.