Big Hit Entertainment Searched 2 Months For TXT’s Soobin After His Audition, Here’s What Happened

Soobin may have made just a tiny mistake.

Last year, during TXT‘s episode of We K-Pop, Soobin revealed how he ended up becoming a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment. Unlike most of the other members who had been street cast, he’d gone about it a different way.

He was the one who sought them out. Soobin found their information himself and emailed them with a clip of his dancing as an audition. He didn’t forget to include all of his contact information as well so they could reach him.

Following that emailed audition, Soobin didn’t hear anything back from Big Hit Entertainment for months. In his latest live broadcast, he revealed the funny mistake that made everything go wrong.

After a few weeks passed after sending his audition, Soobin immediately thought it had been all for nothing and would have to start all over again. Two months later, he received the call he’d been waiting for. Since Soobin was curious why it had taken them so long, he asked why.

The long wait hadn’t been the company’s fault. It had been because of a funny mistake Soobin had made when writing his contact information. He’d somehow written the wrong phone number.

When the company called and confirmed it wasn’t Soobin, they decided to track down the correct phone number. That’s why it took Big Hit Entertainment two long months to let him know he’d passed.

If the phone number had been the issue, some fans wondered why the company didn’t easily solve the problem by replying to the email instead. Regardless, Soobin ended up right where he needed to be and with a funny story to prove it.

Check out Soobin recalling the funny memory that led him to become the adorable yet strong leader of TXT here.


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