Here’s What All Big Hit Entertainment Groups Have In Common

It’s why we stan them 👏

After Big Hit Entertainment acquired Source Music and Pledis Entertainment, BTS and TXT became labelmates with GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, and NU’EST. The result? An entire label with artists who are kings and queens of synchronization!

The five groups were acknowledged for their dance skills long before the acquisition happened, but once it was finalized, Big Hit Entertainment became a force to be reckoned with. Read on to see the jaw-dropping synchronization of Big Hit Entertainment’s artists!

1. BTS

The OG boy group of Big Hit Entertainment, BTS is considered kings of synchronization. Every choreography of theirs is guaranteed to amaze you!


2. TXT

As the little brothers of BTS, it’s no wonder TXT is also recognized for their dance skills. Their high skill level at such a young age makes them deserve all the recognition that they are receiving!



GFRIEND may be the only girl group in Big Hit Entertainment, but they definitely hold their own and more! They are widely acknowledged for their synchronized dances, earning their choreographies the title of “army dances”.



Like GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN is also acknowledged for their crisp and clean choreographies. They are, without a doubt, one of the best boy groups at dancing—just watch any of their dance practices and you’ll understand why!


From singing to dancing, there isn’t any area that NU’EST lacks in. All of their choreographies are a joy to watch because of how synchronized they are!