Big Hit Entertainment And SM Entertainment Idols Wear Sailor Stage Outfits Differently—Here’s How

Their vibes are different.

Similar to how idols from different companies wear black dresses and uniforms differently, there’s also a difference in how they wear stage costumes. Sailor suits, in particular, are popular stage outfits that have been worn by both NCT and TXT. Even if they’re technically the same design, the two groups still gave off different vibes.

Check them out below!

NCT Dream

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NCT Dream wore sailor suits for their 2017 comeback “We Young”.

It was the perfect stage outfit for such a bright and bubbly song.

They switched up the sailor style several times, going from navy blue to white and even to white with black accents.

With such cute stage outfits, it’s no wonder fans couldn’t get enough!

The sailor suits also brought out their boyish side, making them appear more youthful and sophisticated.

It can also be said that they looked as classy and handsome as ever!


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TXT, on the other hand, wore sailor suits for their second extended play, The Dream Chapter: Eternity.

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They rocked neutral colors like gray and black…

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…and spiced it up with stripes and a V-patterned neck tie.

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In terms of their visuals, netizens loved how neat and pretty the members looked. They looked fun and refreshing—two characteristics that they’re known for!

Many people mentioned how the boys are “all handsome and have good bodies, so they look good in sailor suits“.

At the end of the day, both NCT Dream and TXT were dashing in their sailor stage outfits! Some have said that NCT Dream looked more polished and classy, while TXT looked playful and fresh.

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Source: theqoo