Big Hit’s Plans For Lowering Prices And Shipping Costs Are A Huge Win

They’re keeping their promise.

During Big Hit Entertainment‘s briefing about their future plans, they revealed many exciting ventures for the growing company. Although all their ideas had fans looking forward to the future, there was one that they’d been waiting for.

They’d been counting the days until there was an affordable way of getting their hands on the company’s merch and albums. Based on the briefing, they’ve listened to fans’ wishes: “As we promised earlier, we are building our overseas distribution system.”

Rather than raising the prices for these products when delivering to international fans, they’ll start using the same pricing across all countries. No more spending double the price than what it was initially. Since the process is in its beginning stages, they’ll start with Japan and the U.S by storing their products in local centers.

To make sure everyone’s payment will be accepted for whatever purchases they make from the company, they’ll also “localize payment methods.”

Most importantly, they’ll solve the ultimate problem that all international fans face. The company will work to “cut shipping costs.” Paying twice as much as the product is worth, just for the shipping cost alone? It looks like those days will soon be coming to an end.

Even though it’ll take time for these methods to be put into practice, fans are more than ready for the welcome change.

Listen to the company’s plans for keeping fans’ money in their pockets, or at least for spending it on more products instead of shipping fees.