Netizen expresses her frustration after Big Hit sues her for defamation

This netizen has been served by Big Hit Entertainment and it looks like she may be one of the first among many to come.

A netizen has uploaded a post seeking help and expressing her frustrations after being served by Big Hit Entertainment.

She uploaded an image of the summons she received which demanded her attendance at the police station by 15:000 on July 2, 2018.


She also wrote a message explaining her situation and asking for advice.

“I was kicked out from the other website so this is the only place I have to ask for help I’m sorry.
I’m home alone right now so only I know about this. I can’t let my family know. Would it be possible to deal with this alone without letting my family know? It’s telling me to come to the police station in July and that if I don’t attend, I’ll be on the wanted list. I don’t even think I posted any negative comments. Can I sue them for over investigation? How much will I have to pay in fines? I’m currently looking for a job so I won’t be able to pay if it’s over a couple thousand dollars. I’ve asked the other website to delete my posts but could this become a problem too?”


It was revealed in the comments section that the artist she had trolled was BTS and that her comments were, in fact, defamation.

By the looks of the comments, it seemed that the poster was not even aware of the fact that the comments she was leaving were considered defamation of character and could cause a problem.


Meanwhile, domestic and international BTS fans alike have been in a celebratory mood, declaring that Big Hit Entertainment is finally taking action against these malicious comments.

“That website always talked about corruption and sajaegi… they were finally served. I hope they receive 613 trillion times the hardship BTS and their fans endured.”

“Hehe, there’s a review from someone sued for talking bad about BTS. I hope all of you get caught, you little trolls.”

“Big Hit has finally sued! Good job Big Hit! Get rid of all those BTS anti-fans!”