This Is How Big Hit’s Staff Reacted to BTS Winning Their First Music Show

When BTS had their first music show win ever, not only was it emotional for the group, but it was also emotional for the company’s staff. Here’s how Big Hit Entertainment staff reacted to the momentous event. 

When promoting for “I Need U” on SBS‘ The Show on May 5th, 2015, BTS was among the top 5 candidates for the win of the night. BTS was up against EXIDBlock B‘s BASTARZDalshabet, and UNIQ. Prior to the announcement of the winners near the end of the show, Big Hit Entertainment staff, such as their managers and stylists, who were watching from backstage recorded the announcement on their phone.

When it was officially broadcast that BTS were the winners, the screams and claps of the staff were heard and their voices expressed sincere happiness and pride for the artists. The staff of Big Hit Entertainment are clearly as close as family with the members of BTS!

Check out this adorable and heart-warming moment of BTS’s first win!:

It has been almost two years since BTS won their first ever win for “I Need U”, and they currently have a total of 23 music program awards!