BIG Naughty Begs Fans To Stop Buying His Albums

“Don’t buy my album!”

Korean rapper and songwriter BIG Naughty doesn’t worry about not selling enough albums. In fact, he is more concerned about selling too many albums.


Videos from previous live broadcasts of BIG Naughty begging fans not to buy his albums have resurfaced on social media. One video compilation has gone viral on TikTok with 319.7K views at the time of writing.


Im still so confused on why we cant buy his albums😔😔 #bignaughty #khiphop #smtm

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Netizens are saying that it only encourages them to want to buy more, citing reverse psychology.

| @deanw2d/TikTok


Yet, BIG Naughty has a long history of expressing dismay over his album purchases.

The reason why he dreads his own album sales and continually begs fans to stop buying is due to the large number of autographed copies for pre-orders.

After signing so many (thousands), naturally, his wrist and hand hurt. So, he regrets agreeing to it.

Sure enough, many fans of BIG Naughty purchase knowing that autographed copies are guaranteed.

And we can’t blame fans for buying because look at BIG Naughty’s iconic autograph! Who doesn’t want one?