BIGBANG comically fails Weekly Idol’s “Random Play Dance”

BIGBANG is one of the leading male idol groups in South Korea, but it seems their busy concert schedule took a toll on their original choreography.

On January 4th, BIGBANG made their first appearance as a group on MBC’s Weekly Idol. During the episode, the members gained a lot of interest in their attempt to do the ‘Random Play Dance”. The segment is popular for the program’s viewers as it shows how well the artists remember their many choreographies.

BIGBANG, however, struggled right off the bat. Despite being one of the leading idol groups in the country, a number of changes to their choreographies caused the group to look hilariously confused during the segment. G-Dragon, who had already made an appearance on the show, briefly recalled his failure to pass the challenge.

In their defense, however, they revealed that due to stage modifications during their actual performances and concerts, some of the choreography has been changed. They also added that since they dance freely during their concerts, they only remember the chorus of their original choreography. BIGBANG continued the challenge by bringing out the feel of each performance and finished the challenge with joy and laughter.

Check out BIGBANG’s “Random Play Dance” below!

Source: Dispatch