BIGBANG Daesung Just Bought A Building, Here’s How Much He Paid

BIGBANG’s Daesung purchased his very own building in one of South Korea’s most affluent areas.

It’s located near Apgujeong Rodeo Station with 2 underground floors and 8 above-ground floors.

It has a Starbucks store on the first floor, so it’s already bringing in some revenue at 97 million KRW ($84,963 USD) a month.

For a tall building in such an affluent area, its purchase price was also quite staggering!

Daesung paid a whopping 32.4 billion KRW ($29,100,546 USD), including acquisition tax.

According to sources, Daesung paid 14 billion KRW ($12,562,492 USD) of his own money and applied for a loan to purchase the building.

Source: Dispatch