BIGBANG members reveal all of G-Dragon’s relationships were failures

G-Dragon’s personal life was made all too public by his fellow BIGBANG members on an episode of MBC‘s Radio Star. 

G-Dragon was unanimously branded by the members as someone who “doesn’t know how to be in a relationship.”

“G-Dragon is very good at coaching about relationships and giving advice. However, he himself sucks at dating.”


At one point, Taeyang talked about receiving advice from G-Dragon about his relationship with Min Hyo Rin. However after following the advice he realized it was not good advice at all.

“He’s very good at counseling you, warning you, and giving advice, but none of it is helpful at all. If you end up doing what G-Dragon tells you to do, your relationship gets worse.”

– Taeyang
Taeyang no longer asks G-Dragon for relationship advice.

Seungri added how G-Dragon’s own relationships don’t work out. He went to reveal an interesting fact about many of BIGBANG’s songs.

“Do you know why BIGBANG’s songs are always so sad? It’s because G-Dragon’s relationships have all failed!”

– Seungri

Although G-Dragon protested their claims about his dating capabilities, T.O.P concluded the segment with a final statement. 

“To be honest, not a single one of us know how to have a normal relationship. We’re all really abnormal when it comes to dating.” 

– T.O.P

G-Dragon: “I’m good at dating. I’m really good!"
G-Dragon tried to argue his case with “I’m good at dating. I’m really good!

Aside from his solo work, G-Dragon is known for writing BIGBANG’s heartbreaking tracks such as, “Haru Haru,” “Blue” and their recent ones, “Last Dance” and “Let’s Not Fall in Love.”

Source: SportsChosun