Seungri Bragged About His Scary “Thug” Friends in Gangnam, and It’s Giving Fans the Chills

“I have connections with a lot of scary punks in Gangnam.”

In the midst of Seungri‘s Burning Sun scandal involving sexual favors, tax evasion, and drugs, a remark that Seungri made at a past BIGBANG concert has become a hot topic of conversation in online communities.

Back in 2017, BIGBANG held the ‘BIGBANG 2017 CONCERT LAST DANCE IN SEOUL’ ahead of their military enlistment.

In between performances, Seungri expressed his concern of BIGBANG fans leaving them and made a request to their fans by saying, “Please promise you won’t cheat on us with another idol group while we’re gone, VIPs.

He also added, “We’re five Korean men, so going to the military is inevitable.” In response, fellow members said, “Can you stop talking about that? We already finished that talk.

Despite the members’ protest, Seungri continued to say, “If you cheat on us, I’ll hunt you down. I’m going to use my guys. I know a lot of scary punks in Cheongdam-dong. I know some near Gangnam Station, too.

In response, Daesung lightened the mood by joking that he was more scared of Seungri than any of those guys.

It was considered as just a joke back then, but in light of recent events, fans are revisiting this remark and wondering if it was more significant than anyone realized until now.

Source: Insight

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