Most People Don’t Realize How Close Seungri And Sehun Actually Are

The relationship Seungri and Sehun have is quite adorable.

Fans knew about the friendship between EXO‘s Sehun and BIGBANG‘s Seungri, but no one knew quite how close they really were until Sehun’s Instagram update.


When Sehun updated his Instagram with a picture of a food truck that says, “Maknae Power Fighting (막내파워화이팅, Youngest Member Power Let’s Go)” and tagged Seungri’s Instagram account to the photo, the internet fell in love.

It is common in K-Pop culture for the gesture of “sending a food truck” to be used to show appreciation, encouragement, and love for celebrities and fans.


Seungri has always been open about his love for his “hoobae (후배)” idols, EXO. During his radio interview in 2013, Seungri mentioned, “EXO members are so young and handsome.”

“It has been 8 years since I debuted. I guess when I debuted, my sunbae (선배) idols must have felt this way looking at me. I shared a waiting room with the EXO members recently. They were sleeping so soundly. I worried if they’re eating well, because they are so popular and busy these days…” — Seungri


Then, at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Seungri made sure EXO members got to see Stevie Wonder’s performance up close by personally moving tables and chairs to make way. Seungri stayed with the EXO members until the end. EXO fans were touched by Seungri’s thoughtfulness.

Seungri and Sehun were spotted interacting here.

Seungri received a lot of love from both BIGBANG and EXO fans for taking good care of his EXO baby birds on stage.


By 2015 MAMA, things were spiced up a hundred levels between Seungri and Sehun. During his part in BIGBANG’s “Bae Bae” performance, Seungri decided to show the world to whom Sehun really belongs.


Many fans have fallen victim to hearts exploding over what happened next, so beware.


Spot Chanyeol on the very left, shocked at what’s going on as Seungri nods and admits he loves Sehun.


Although it is hard to know when or how exactly Seungri and Sehun became as close they are now, it is most likely that Seungri’s love for EXO in general fueled the friendship.

Fans look forward to more interaction between Seungri and Sehun, the “maknaes on top”!