BIGBANG Seungri Gave Jessica Advice On How To Appear On Broadcasts Again

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung remained a hot topic after a rare guesting on Mix Nine

On the day of the episode, she met YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyunsuk, BIGBANG’s Seungri, Noh Hong Chul at Coridel Entertainment. 

Because it was her first time back on programs,  she was immediately interrogated by a curious Seungri… 

He asked questions such as “Why do you think you have not been on the air?,” “What do you think?,” and “Will you do a variety of broadcast after Mix Nine in the future?” 

Considering the nature of her departure from SM Entertainment, the possible answers may have been too bold for public television. 

But Jessica replied with a safe statement saying, “I wish I can do it as well.” 

To this, Seungri advised, “You have to know which side to side with,” cheekily hinting YG Entertainment. 

Since parting ways with SM Entertainment, Jessica Jung released a few albums and handled her own promotions… 

And although she was able to do such, she remains absent from television programs, leaving fans to believe that it had something to do with her former agency. 

Mix Nine was her first variety show appearance since then and was taken with much interest. 

Source: StarNews