Netizens Are Shocked After Discovering How Much BIGBANG Taeyang’s TV Costs

You can buy a house with that money!

Everyone knows BIGBANG‘s Taeyang lives a luxurious life after finding success as a global artist. But it still didn’t prepare them to know just how luxurious his life can be!


Taeyang once showcased his home on I Live Alone, where he invited Seungri and Daesung for dinner at his house. There, netizens caught sight of a large TV sitting neatly on one side of the wall.


Everyone can tell it’s not your average television, and netizens found out exactly how non-average it is! Taeyang’s TV costs over 178 million won (~$157,000 USD)!


That’s almost the cost of an average house in the United States!


As expected of a King! Watch Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri dance in front of this mega-tv below:

Source: Nate Pann