BIGBANG’s T.O.P Filmed Taking Out The Garbage, Haters Attack Him With Insults

T.O.P is getting hate for completing his military service duties as a public worker.

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P is hard at work fulfilling his military service at the Yongsan Craft Museum, since he was reassigned in January after his marijuana scandal.


Being a public facility, fans are allowed to enter the space and recently posted a video of T.O.P performing support tasks like taking out the trash.


Officials at the Yongsan district office have called T.O.P “diligent” and “hard working” and are pleased with his performance, but readers of online news outlet Kuki News and some social media users are attacking him.

  • “What’s the use of taking out the garbage? He can’t throw himself away.”
  • “Why is there an article about someone clearing trash? Shouldn’t we be cheering for soldiers in the army?”
  • “Korean celebrities are so narcissistic that they can’t deal with just a little bit of public service work…it becomes news. If the staff members don’t take care of him, he’s like a five-year-old kid scared of riding the subway. Have a proper personality before you become a public figure.”
  • “Haha BIGBANG T.O.P ahjusshi is doing garbage collection service.”
  • “Someone who’s taken drugs is discharged into the public without any punishment. Entertainers are king in this country.”
  • “King of the jerks!”
  • “He looks so pretentious.”
  • “Trash is taking out the trash.”


The majority of fans, however, are asking the public to give T.O.P his privacy and stop taking footage of him working.


Even more still are missing him and are glad to see he is doing well.


T.O.P will be discharged from his military service in June 2019.

Source: Kuki News