BIGBANG’s T.O.P Snaps At A Hateful Instagram Comment, Receives Even More Backlash

“How immature…”

Recently, on his official Instagram account, BIGBANG‘s T.O.P shared a series of pictures of artwork.


While most fans’ reactions to the post were positive and supportive of his online presence, one hateful comment made T.O.P snap back.


The comment read, “Reflect on your wrongdoings. Stop using Instagram. Don’t even think about coming back to the industry.” To this, T.O.P replied with sarcasm and playful emojis.

Okay! Dear God! I’m not thinking about it either. Just look at the animal pictures.

— T.O.P


T.O.P’s response has since been deleted, but the internet has already seen it and made it go viral. Some Korean netizens, who are largely unhappy with YG Entertainment and its artists for the recent string of scandals, began criticizing T.O.P for his “immature response”.


After deleting his comment, T.O.P went back to his usual, continuing to post more artworks to share with his fans. He has not commented further on his plans, but Koreans remain curious as to if T.O.P will ever do make his way back to the idol industry.

Source: THEQOO