BIGBANG’s Seungri and Lee Hanna Have Practically The Same Face

Photos of BIGBANG Seungri‘s sister have resurfaced and fans can’t get over how similar the two look.

It is usually pretty normal to have a strong resemblance to a sibling, and while it’s more common between siblings of the same gender, BIGBANG Seungri’s younger sister, Lee Hanna, is garnering attention for looking nearly identical to him.

They definitely have extremely similar facial features and their eyes, nose, and smile are almost identical. Even their smile dimples and face shape super similar.

Check out more photos of the two look-a-like siblings below:

With the cap on, she could almost pass for Seungri.

She definitely seems to have more aegyo than him though!

The siblings certainly share the same smile.

Seungri’s adorable eye smile!

His sister can pull it off just as well.

it wouldn’t be surprising if she got mistaken for him on the street.

They definitely give off the same smoldering vibe too!

A sexier side of Lee Hanna.

Seungri and his signature smirk.

She really does have such a nice smile. Like brother, like sister.