BigHit Entertainment Just Addressed Rumors They’re Moving Again

It’s been less than a day since reports were made that the company was looking for a new building:

It hasn’t even been 24-hours since rumors first started to float around that BigHit Entertainment has been planning to move once again but the company has just released an official statement regarding the rumors.


The company didn’t move all that long ago, after packing up and moving to a larger 3 story building in 2018. With the entertainment company’s newest boy group getting ready to debut though, a Korean news outlet reported that the company was set to move once again in the first half of 2019 to accommodate their rise in staff.

Studio in the building BigHit Entertainment moved to in 2018.


This would mean that BigHit Entertainment would be moving in less than six months from their past relocation last year! The news outlet reported that the company was looking to rent an office in Gangnam and have roughly 200 employees at the time of their last move but now have upwards of 450 employees.

Another studio space in the Samsadong building they moved to in 2018.


That, however, is all just a rumor according to BigHit Entertainment. Shortly after the reports were made, the company issued an announcement about the rumors with a simple message stating they didn’t plan to move. They also reportedly clarified that they still currently had about 200 employees in their company not 450 employees.

“We are not relocating the building.”

— BigHit Entertainment

Source: Newsen