BigHit Entertainment Allegedly Allowing Transgender People To Audition For New Boygroup 

Rumors are flying that a transgender male auditioned for BigHit Entertainment in New York and impressed the judges.

BigHit Entertainment is receiving a lot of attention for possibly welcoming trainees of all genders to audition for their next group.


Alleged accounts from their auditions in the United States revealed that a transgender man auditioned for the agency and impressed the judges with his talent.

The contestant reportedly reached the personal interview and fans claimed that the agency merely focused on talent and personality.


Although it hasn’t been confirmed to be true or not, the rumor still attracted a number of praise towards BigHit.


If the rumors are proven true, it wouldn’t be a surprise as BigHit and BTS have always promoted universal love and equal representation.

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At present, the agency has not confirmed or deny these accounts, while the original accounts about the audition on Twitter were deleted.


The waiting game begins to see if BigHit will confirm these rumors!