BigHit Fans Discovered That All Of The Oldest Members Have This Common Habit

It may be BigHit’s requirement for all oldest members.

The oldest members of BigHit Entertainment‘s boy groups all have something in common besides their stunning good looks and unbelievable talent as musicians.


Lee Hyun, the oldest member of Homme, shows it perfectly in this one photo. No matter how big the size of the food, they gulp it down in one single bite!


BigHit fans first noticed this habit when Lee Hyun would always roll or squish his food down so he can eat it in a single go.


And BTS‘s oldest member Jin lives by that same very habit! Look at him eat a whole steak slice in one bite!


Although it may be more convenient to eat his food in pieces, Jin is a one-bite-or-nothing type of guy!


He’s even invented his own know-how to eating in this particular style. Don’t misunderstand Jin’s knife and fork action as cutting his food into smaller pieces… it’s only to make it easier to fold so it fits into his mouth in one go!


And low and behold… BigHit’s newest boy group, TXT has an oldest member with the same habit! Look at Yeonjun eat that roll in one bite!


Even his younger members know that Yeonjun isn’t a man who bites his food into pieces.


Perhaps he learned it from Lee Hyun or Jin, or perhaps it’s a requirement of all oldest members in BigHit’s boy groups!


Here’s to the day when fans can see Lee Hyun, Jin and Yeonjun sharing the same adorable habit over dinner!

Source: Nate Pann